move forward.

a free write just to get it off my mind …
old pictures and memories
meant to fade
in a stand off with an empty parking lot

i, the one who has gathered my wits, can’t believe -
am still in awe -of this dancing shame
healed only by the passage that time has made

her actions are thoughtless
rampant and blurry in the bed she had made
not left whole in her guilt
even though she’s not the same.

and I hate her
so stupid and reckless
so heartless and benign
so drunk and carefree
balled up in her lie.

she needs to go away now -
to never be thought of again.
and I will do all in my power
to make peace with such sin.

a slate wiped clean
is all that I need.
to forgive is divine …
just keep remembering … that isn’t me.

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