captivating beauty: her definition
but just listen to her speak incorrectly.
liquid abnormalities give and take,
and take take take -
you keep on running.

she crashes in all the silence,
vibrating currents of fear betrayed loathing.
and sound dampening stiffness
waves it's fist at you begging
"come my dear lady, you are almost there -
walk steady"

then gradually Hate this victim,
stealthy fables blubbered left standing on their own.
the juice in her glass makes it's move to topple over
abuse makes it angry -
it betrays it's owner.

this is a sadness; hesitantly pondered;
crudely tasted and caressed;
beaten savagely until every part is known:
a full recognition of this killer.
and what is to be done with our discovery?
she's gone dancing to smother it.
care is swallowed by failure,
and we let you fester in their grasp.

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